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In-Class Training Options

All In-Class Trainings are instructed by TIPs Master Trainer B. Jonathan Balliet.

39,000+ Individuals and 300+ Trainers nationwide.

Based in Colorado and ability to teach in all States.


Jon specializes in customizing long-term training solutions for locations hosting classes twice per year or more.  Jon comes to your location and provides everything but the people and the space.  Plan 3 hours for any class, all materials & processing included.


Discounts for Large Groups in a single session and/or Regular Hosts.  Travel costs may apply.


Master Trainer status also allows the ability to Train the Trainer.

If you are interested in hosting a TIPs class at your location,

Long-term Solutions for Training, or Train the Trainer,

please contact Jon directly for any information

and customizing solutions for your needs.

B. Jonthan Balliet, TIPs Master Trainer


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